Unconscious Learning

"The best learning process happen when the player don’t realize that is learning"

From some writers, the 80% of the learning process is unconscious. It is that much? Seems like this. Seems that the education methods we were using the last 2 centuries were wrong. I ll not say 100% wrong. But…

New researches in Neuroscience, are bringing light over all the education system, and off course this could be transferred to the tennis training. At least is what the coaches should try to do.

A few years ago, I started to think that maybe something different is beyond the traditional training methods, and slowly came to my mind this word: NEUROTRAINING

What does mean neurotraining?

Is the methodology for improving cognitive processes (processes followed to learn something)  with multicortical and emotional involvement (Américo Bariles/ Enrique Guldberg . 2013)

Seems complicate but is not. Is very simple, e.g. just think in a very classic drill: one forehand and one backhand, and see how the exercise change drastically just changing a bit the goals

1-      one forehand and one backhand

2-      the same than 1 but one crosscourt and one down the line (change directions)

3-      the same than 2 but if the ball is short is down the line, if is deep is crosscourt (making decision and change directions)

4-      the same than 2 but if the coach says “ONE” the player has to hit in close stand, if the coach says “TWO” open stand, “TREE” power steep (making decision)

5-      the same than 4 but the coach has to say two numbers: the first number is the position (close stand, open stand, etc) and the second number the direction (crosscourt or down the line)

6-      Etc. You can design many different variables. Mixing targets, spins, depths heights you can design thousands of exercises  

For somebody is watching the training from outside, is the same exercise, but for the player brain every level is totally different and in every level we are  involving  the cognitive aspect. After do this drills, you will feel plenty of time between shots and the making decision will be easier.  

This is just one example, the most simple exercise could become in a very complex and challenging drill just changing goal or adding simple tasks.  With this progression I m not telling you how to get more time between shots, if not I propose small complications that when you stop to do it,  you will feel more time.  Hope is clear