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자주하는 질문 & 답변

  • Does it work with players of different tennis level?
    No matter the level of tennis you have, we'll help you to improve it. Following our indications, you will develop your game.
  • What are the differences with other tennis programs?
    We have developed our own training method which we call Neurotraining. This method consists of mixing the knowledge of neuroscience with tennis training. The use of these innovative exercises on court allow the players to train their technical aspects and their mind at the same time. Through which we get very good and much faster results.
  • How long does it take to achieve improvements in the game?
    You can see improvements from the first week of training, but then you need time to consolidate the changes obtained.
  • booking/payment​
    To book a place you have to pay in advance the 25%. You can do it by Bank Transfer or Pay Pal
  • how works the player distribution?
    Depend of many factors: Players with the same tennis level: normally we do that when we are looking for intensity and in competitive exercises Players that have to work in the same skill: Does not matter the level, the players has to work in a specific aspect. Then one of our coaches will work on this ability Kind of training we set up: some exercises are very good and necessary to do it like in "slow motion" we call them "MODULATION EXERCISES" then is a fantastic opportunity to mix levels. A GOLD RULE at Elite Tennis Academy: everybody train with everybody.
  • If i m the only adult i ll be able to fit well in the group?
    Yes, is not a problem, we always adapt the training according the player necessity. Also because the point 4 in the 6th FAQ question.
  • Wich surface we going to train mostly?
    95% of the times on Clay. We have a hard court that we use to prepare tournaments and also in the days that the Clay courts are wet because the rain.
  • how far is the academy from the nearest airpot.?
    The nearest Airpot is "BARCELONA EL PRAT" and the Academy is 10 minutes by car/taxi
  • what is the schedule?
    Will depend if is high or middle/low season, but generally we are following During the year: Low and Middle season Monday to Friday: 9:00 till 10:00 Fitness 10:00 till 12:00 Tennis 14:30 till 16:30 Tennis Monday from 17: 00 till 18:00 Coordination training with Américo "Coco" Bariles During the summer/easter camps we usually have 2 groups: A and B Group A: 8:00 til 10:00 Tennis 10:00 till 11:00 Fitness Group B: 9:00 till 10:00 Fitness 10:00 till 12:00 Tennis 15:00 till 17 00 All together This schedule could be modified according the necessities and to keep the ratio players/coach
  • It is the lunch included?
    The Lunch is not included in the academy fee. Some players and parents prefer to pay us the lunch fee, and then we give them a voucher.
  • Visa Process
    Once we got the 25% deposit we will send you the invitation letter from Elite Tennis Academy and Bank receipt according you made the booking. With this 2 documents our players usually get the Visa without any problem.
  • Accommodation
    These are our accommodation options: Family houses: Staying in a Spanish Family. The cost is €300 per week. It includes: breakfast dinner laundry all the meals during the week end pick him up and take him to the airport The lunch during the week is not included, you can have lunch at the club restaurant (daily menu €11,50) or you can go outside, we are 5 blocks from the beach where there are many restaurants. Apartments: ······· Hotels: Other option is a hotel; this hotel is in front of the club: · These hotels are near the club: · · · · · University Residence: Another option, there is a university residence that rent apartments for our players and parents. Apartments are clean, safe, cheap and close to the club (4 blocks): We recommend to book hotels and Apartments as soon as you can, specially if you will come during the summer period considering that Castelldefels is a Touristic area.
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