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3 Tips you should know before choosing a Tennis Academy

Tennis, like all sports, has evolved over time. And with this evolution, the player has become a complete athlete. The player's preparation has had to adapt to this evolution, so not only the hours of training on the court are included, but also physical and emotional training, monitoring of the diet, care for physical recovery and daily rest hours. From a very early age, players transform their lives and professionalize them. Following specific controlled routines allows them to improve their tennis development. The number of academies and coaches that exist in the market is very large, and much more if you are thinking about training in Barcelona. Being in the situation of choosing an academy for your child is an important moment, and sometimes the decision becomes stressful for the parents. From a very early age, players transform and professionalize their lives. Following specific controlled routines allows them to improve their tennis development. Before you begin your search for the ideal academy, take a few minutes to think about how you would like your child's life to be during that period of time. Note that I am not telling you to focus on the goals you would like your child to achieve in his or her life as a tennis player, but on how you would like your child to feel during those training years (caring, motivated, confident, happy, strong, healthy, etc). This is very important because they will be the foundation on which the player will build his professional career. Once you are clear about the foundations, identify the characteristics that the academy should have in order to develop your child. CONTACTING ACADEMIES It is common to contact many academies and book visiting hours to meet them. To be able to decide it is necessary to have information, not only about the NAME of the academy but also about the human team that will be in charge of the player. Our suggestion is to make the first selection of academies that meet the requirements that your child needs and only concrete visits with these ones. Otherwise, you will visit so many sites that you will feel confused, and probably not help you make a good choice. THE SIZE OF THE ACADEMY A child who leaves his family to join another structure needs to be accompanied. It would be quite traumatic to go from being protected and cared at home to being part of a group of hundreds of players (almost anonymous). The myth of the big academies: A lot of parents think that choosing a big academy is better because they'll have someone to play with. This is also true for smaller academies, as it is not necessary for the opponent to belong to the same club, there is the possibility of getting a different player every day to compete if necessary. When you choose an Academy, you are not choosing a tournament where the child will compete, when you choose an Academy you are choosing the place where that player will be developed. The competition is part of the development and can be done through tournaments and practice matches. Both situations are fully compatible with a small academy. CHARACTERISTICS OF THE IDEAL ACADEMY Respect for the individuality of each player. Each child is different, with his or her strengths and weaknesses. Enhancing his virtues to the point of making him special should be the goal of the academy. If we stop to look at the great players of this moment, they all have a solid base of play, but each one is particularly special in one way or another. They are not copies of a single player, each has retained his identity and enhanced it. This can only be achieved from a personalized work, where each person has his own physical training, his dietary follow-up, his emotional accompaniment, and his individualized planning in court to achieve the tennis development. It would be necessary to avoid turning the young tennis player into someone he is not, but to promote the skills that will make him unique. Trying to change the player to be the mere imitation of another will not make him special, much less allow him to reach his maximum level. From our academy, we make ourselves available to all parents who are interested in a personalized development of their child. More than 15 years of experience in Barcelona guarantee our accompaniment to young people who decide to explore their limits in tennis.

I will be delighted to receive your comments or questions, which I will answer as soon as possible. We have opened our registration for annual players Set 2020- Jun2021 with special prices. Are you interested in the offer? Contact me!

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