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What is the best age to start training at a tennis academy?

Children start playing tennis every

time at younger ages, and many times we

receive inquiries about the best age to start training at an academy. I do

not consider that there are rules that work for all people, I believe in

individuality and, therefore, the answer to this question results from the

combination of several factors to analyze.

As we know, childhood is the most important stage for the development of the child. It is where the psychological bases for the other stages are formed.

During this period, containment and family ties are important. A child needs

his parents at his side, the lack of them can cause affective flaws

difficult to overcome. What I want to express with this is that children can

start training in an academy at an early age, but always accompanied by

their parents.

Another factor to analyze is the expectations behind a decision of this

type. Sometimes, the children are motivated to make a change in their game

after spending a summer camp at the academy. Few are the ones who really

understand what this involves. It is not easy to live away from the family.

What at first seems fun and simple, it can turn into a complicated


Other times, the parents make the decision to send the children to the

academy following their personal expectations of having a famous child in

the future. Children usually accept their parents' dream as their own, and

they see themselves living a life of many responsibilities that they often

do not like. But to avoid disappointing their family, they will not release

their true feelings.

From 13 to 15 years old, players are more aware of what involves being away

from the family and meet the responsibilities of following a daily training

and at the same time continue with the studies. At these ages they tend to

have a little clearer about what they would like to do in the future. Most

of them have acquired the necessary maturity to begin to be coherent between

the objective that is sought and the lifestyle that is needed to achieve it.

If during the years of childhood the family laid a solid foundation in the

child, when he/she reaches adolescence he/she will be able to live (if

necessary) away from his/her family. The containment of these players is

very important during this period of development, since they are not only

evolving as players but also as people.

From my experience with players I can say that these young people show great

changes in short periods of times. It is common to observe how they learn to

manage each small daily decision responsibly. They also acquire the ability

to establish objectives and work to achieve them. They begin to know their

skills and how to empower them.

What was commented previously shows the abilities that a child develops

until he/she becomes a young person. This growth is accelerated when the

player is living alone due to the need for daily personal management without

the permanent decision of the parents.

Each experience depends on the person who lives it, and the result obtained

is also personal. The last 5 years I have been working with players that

want to go ahead in their tennis and because of this they left their houses,

and I can say that it is an incredibly enriching and recommendable

experience for all those players who want to seek their limits.

I understand the possible parents feeling of anguish that can arise from

thinking about sending a child abroad. This may be the first of many steps

the child will take to discover who he/she is as a person and as an athlete.

As parents we have the possibility to control everything that is

controllable, and with this I mean, I can make sure that the environment

where my child will be, provides him/her the necessary and personalized

support he/she needs. And then, support him/her in his/her growth


If you have questions or you are interested in an annual program, please

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